Spoonful meaning howlin wolf

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Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - H. Spoonful is found on the album Smokestack Lightning. Howlin' Wolf — Spoonful.

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It could be a spoonful of diamond Could be a spoonful of gold Just a little spoon of your precious love Satisfy my soul Men lies about little Some of 'em cries about little Some of 'em dies about littles Everything fight about a spoonful That spoon, that spoon, that sp It could be a spoonful of coffee Could be a spoonful of tea But a little spoon of your precious love Good enough for me Men lies about that Some of 'em dies about that Some of 'em cries about that But everything fight about a spoonful That spoon, that spoon, that Ooh ooh, fight about spoonfuls Ooh ooh, fight about a spoonful It could be a spoonful of water Save you from the desert sand But one spoon of lead from forty-five Save you from another man A Men lies about that Some of 'em cries about that Some of 'em dies about that Everybody fightin' about a spoonful That spoon, that spoon, that Edit Lyrics.

Spoonful song meanings. Add your thoughts No Comments. No Comments. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for Spoonful lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Howlin' Wolf Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. Join Now!There's been a fair amount of speculation about the song's meaning in the 50 years since Howlin' Wolf recorded the Willie Dixon number.

What exactly is in that spoonful? Willie Dixon tried to put the conflicting interpretations to rest in his autobiography, I Am the Blues.

Howlin' Wolf

If a doctor give you less than a spoonful of some kind of medicine that can kill you, he can give you less than a spoonful of another that will make you well". Howlin' Wolf favored a sexual metaphor--or rather, he literalized one when he played the song in his shows. He'd grab a big cooking spoon that drummer Sam Lay bought him at a flea market and brandish it at crotch-level, engaging in blatantly phallic monkeyshines.

Wolf would work this raunchy shtick no matter the crowd. At the benefit, someone closed the stage curtains on Wolf to spare the kiddies the sight of him getting busy with a kitchen utensil. But its origins, like those of several other Dixon compositions on Rocking Chairgo back several decades further. It's hard to believe that Wolf, a man known for his big appetites for food, booze, sex, and performingwould ever be satisfied with a spoonful of anything.

Wolf and his band would stretch out during his shows, since he loved working a crowd and letting his gifted sidemen, and especially Sumlin, shine. But his studio recordings have a concentrated force that's missing in the cover versions by more prolix artists.

Take Cream, for example.

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Bassist Jack Bruce sings it, painfully straining to sound soulful and missing by a mile. And when he's done, the trio takes off on a long, bombastic jam, led by Eric Clapton, whose playing here Robert Christgau nailed with an analog-era analogy: Freddie King at 78 rpm, with the needle stuck. Wolf may have mimed masturbation when he played "Spoonful", but he wasn't jerking off.

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About Submissions Mission Staff. Biz Advertising Privacy Policy. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram. The 11 Best Chick Corea Albums.InChicago-based Chess Records released a single that became one of the most influential and much-covered recordings in its catalogue.

spoonful meaning howlin wolf

His voice, a booming sepulchral bellow that was akin, perhaps, to a volcanic eruption from hell, was even more remarkable. Above a throbbing groove, Wolf describes desire as an incurable addiction that can drive people to murder and madness. The song quickly became a blues standard covered by everyone from Cream to Etta James and even Kronos Quartet. Though he made many records under his own name, Dixon — a Grammy-winning inductee into the Blues Hall Of Fame — is best remembered for authoring a raft of classic blues tunes that were recorded by a number of significant artists at Chess Records in the 50s and early 60s.

Also on that session was bassist Jack Brucewith whom Clapton would go onto form noted power trio Cream a year later, in Another notable blues rendition in the 70s came from Illinois blues songstress Koko Taylor. It depends on the mind haha Difficult to dedicate without implications. And what about Mr. Hubert Sumlin?! Thank you. The Who did great versions of Spoonful in concert during Roger Daltreys attempts to imitate HW were admirable. Your email address will not be published.

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‘Spoonful’: The Story Behind Howlin’ Wolf’s Classic Blues Song

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spoonful meaning howlin wolf

Format: UK English. Dan October 13, at pm. Jefro July 1, at pm. Thanks for the TYA mention,a version not to be missed! Christer Svensson October 15, at pm. One of the best bluesrecordings ever…. Cynthia November 27, at am.

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Song leaves much to the imagination. Leo Perez July 12, at am. He is Incredible! Jon Paris June 25, at am.

Thanks the author of this article. I enjoyed Spoonful while reading it. Brian June 19, at am. Howlin Wolf. What a voice.Lyrics submitted by SonicDM. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - H. The Howling Wolf — Spoonful. It could be a spoonful of diamonds Could be a spoonful of gold Just a little spoon of your precious love will satisfy my soul I made lies about a little Some of 'em cries about a little Some of 'em dies about a little Everything's fight about a spoonful That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful It could be a spoonful of coffee Could be a spoonful of tea But a little of your precious love is good enough for me Made lies about that Some of 'em dies about that Some of 'em cries about that But everything's fight about a spoonful That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful Fightin' 'bout a spoonful It could be a spoonful of water to save you from the desert sand Bought a little spoon of a 45 to save you from another man I made lies about that Some of 'em cries about that Some of 'em dies about that Everybody's fightin' about a spoonful That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful Edit Lyrics.

Spoonful song meanings. Add your thoughts 4 Comments. Song Meaning The reference is to heroin. Blues men were notorious drug users, much like modern musicians who owe their existence to the blues. The lyrics throw in a few stereotypical blues references like shooting a man over your woman, and some of that "precious love" but the gist is heroin. Wolf was the best blues singer ever.

In fact one of the best singers ever period. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment Yeah! Song Meaning Willie Dixon, who wrote the song for Howlin' Wolf, stated unequivocally more than once that the song is not about drugs. It's about lovemaking.Called "a stark and haunting work", [1] it is one of Dixon's best known and most interpreted songs.

The lyrics relate men's sometimes violent search to satisfy their cravings, with "a spoonful" used mostly as a metaphor for pleasures, which have been interpreted as sex, love, and drugs: [4].

It could be a spoonful of coffee It could be a spoonful of tea But one little spoon of your precious love Is good enough for me Men lies about that spoonful Some of them dies about that spoonful Some of them cries about that spoonful But everybody fight about that spoonful.

It uses eight-bar vocal sections with twelve-bar choruses and is performed at a medium blues tempo in the key of E. Backing Wolf on vocals are longtime accompanist Hubert Sumlin on guitar, relative newcomer Freddie Robinson on second guitar, and Chess recording veterans Otis Spann on piano, Fred Below on drums, and Dixon on double-bass.

It has been suggested that Freddie King contributed the second guitar on "Spoonful", but both Sumlin and Robinson insist it was Robinson. InWolf reluctantly re-recorded "Spoonful", along with several of his blues classics in Marshall Chess 's attempt at updating Wolf's sound for the burgeoning rock market. The resulting album, The Howlin' Wolf Albumwith its "comically bombastic" arrangements and instrumentation, was a musical and commercial failure.

They were part of a trend in the mids by rock artists to record a Willie Dixon song for their debut albums. In an album review for AllMusicStephen Thomas Erlewine described Cream's rendition as "where the swirling instrumental interplay, echo, fuzz tones, and overwhelming volume constitute true psychedelic music, and also points strongly toward the guitar worship of heavy metal.

Atco Records released the song in the US later in as a two-sided single with some pressings misspelled as "Spoonfull"but it failed to reach the Billboard Hot record chart. Cream frequently played "Spoonful" in concert, and the song evolved beyond the blues-rock form of the recording into a vehicle for extended improvised soloing influenced by the San Francisco music scene of the late s.

One such rendering, lasting nearly seventeen minutes, is included on their album Wheels of Fire. Although the album notes indicate "Live at the Fillmore", "Spoonful" was actually recorded at the Winterland Ballroom.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blues standard first recorded by Howlin' Wolf. For other uses, see Spoonful disambiguation. Retrieved January 14, Retrieved August 29, Retrieved July 2, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Archived from the original on Retrieved March 4, Rolling Stone Retrieved July 31, The Blues Foundation. Retrieved February 7, Howlin' Wolf. Chicago blues Delta blues Chess Records. Etta James. At Last!Originally from Mississippihe moved to Chicago in adulthood and became successful, forming a rivalry with fellow bluesman Muddy Waters.

With a booming voice and imposing physical presence, he is one of the best-known Chicago blues artists.

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The musician and critic Cub Koda noted, "no one could match Howlin' Wolf for the singular ability to rock the house down to the foundation while simultaneously scaring its patrons out of its wits. This is where the soul of man never dies. Arthurthe 21st President of the United States.

The name "Howlin' Wolf" originated from Burnett's maternal grandfather, who would admonish him for killing his grandmother's chicks from reckless squeezing by warning him that wolves in the area would come and get him; the family would continue this by calling the young man "the Wolf". Burnett's parents separated when he was a year old. InBurnett met Charley Pattonthe most popular bluesman in the Mississippi Delta at the time. He would listen to Patton play nightly from outside a nearby juke joint.

The two became acquainted, and soon Patton was teaching him guitar. Burnett recalled that "the first piece I ever played in my life was He played with Patton often in small Delta communities. The country singer Jimmie Rodgers was also an influence.

Burnett tried to emulate Rodgers's "blue yodel " but found that his efforts sounded more like a growl or a howl: "I couldn't do no yodelin', so I turned to howlin'. And it's done me just fine". By the end of the decade, he was a fixture in clubs, with a harmonica and an early electric guitar.

On April 9,he was inducted into the U. Army and was stationed at several bases around the country. He found it difficult to adjust to military life, and was discharged at the end of his hitch in November 3, He returned to his family, which had recently moved near West Memphis, Arkansasand helped with the farming while also performing, as he had done in the s, with Floyd Jones and others. In he formed a band, which included the guitarists Willie Johnson and Matt "Guitar" Murphythe harmonica player Junior Parkera pianist remembered only as "Destruction" and the drummer Willie Steele.

His eyes would light up, you'd see the veins come out on his neck and, buddy, there was nothing on his mind but that song. Sun Records had not yet been formed, so Phillips licensed his recording to Chess Records. Within a year he had persuaded the guitarist Hubert Sumlin to leave Memphis and join him in Chicago; Sumlin's understated solos and surprisingly subtle phrasing perfectly complemented Burnett's huge voice.

The lineup of the Howlin' Wolf band changed often over the years. He employed many different guitarists, both on recordings and in live performance, including Willie Johnson, Jody Williams, Lee CooperL. Burnett was able to attract some of the best musicians available because of his policy, unusual among bandleaders, of paying his musicians well and on time, even including unemployment insurance and Social Security contributions.

Howlin' Wolf had a series of hits with songs written by Willie Dixonwho had been hired by the Chess brothers in as a songwriter, and during that period the competition between Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf was intense.

Dixon reported "Every once in a while Wolf would mention the fact that, 'Hey man, you wrote that song for Muddy. How come you won't write me one like that?

As was standard practice in that era, it was a collection of previously released singles. Several became part of the repertoires of British and American rock groups, who further popularized them. Howlin' Wolf's second compilation album, Howlin' Wolf often called "the rocking chair album", from its cover illustrationwas released in During the blues revival in the s and s, black blues musicians found a new audience among white youths, and Howlin' Wolf was among the first to capitalize on it.This site is listed in BlogCatalog and.

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spoonful meaning howlin wolf

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This site is listed in BlogCatalog and Literature blog. The texts of the songs follow the essay. While a rolling stone may indeed gather no moss, a poetic image can accumulate meaning with repeated usage in a way that adds semantic territory while it influences the interpretation of past poems. Both oral and written literary forms depend for their density of coded meaning on such accretion of meaning over time as identical or related images are repeatedly reused by one artist after another.

Here the phrase clearly emphasizes how little the persona is asking of her, and, accordingly, how churlish would be her refusal. And the ante has increased so that disorder like that of the song itselfviolence, legal retribution, even death may follow the quest. Yes I will! The spoonful has caused men to do life in prison. The original common ground of vehicle and tenor — small quantity — has vanished in irony.

Now it is all the greater marvel that a mere spoonful of sexual desire could be so powerful. A preacher may lay his Bible down when tempted by a spoonful. He concludes with praise of love, figured as a taste of Maxwell House coffee. The repetitions of this simple ironic motif — so much can emerge from so little — at once marvel at human sexuality and fully participate within it.

The old association with semen gained strength Perhaps my own place in the structure of society is implied by the fact that I find this meaning valid, though secondary or tertiary, even in the old songs. Dope and sex both offer the potential for bliss and for ruin.

Life is full of disturbance, often over the smallest of things. As with other powerful images, this explication could proceed, in the most outstanding cases, almost without limit, until an entire vision of reality is suggested. As any two things have some points in common and others in which they differ, any combination of objects will form a metaphor, creating a fabulous multiplication of potential for meaning. Screening the Blues This site includes a good many other essays treating blues songs as poetry.

It's all I want, in this creation is a I go home spoken: wanna fight! Doctor's dyin' way in Hot Springs! These women goin' crazy every day in their life 'bout A

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