Vaporizer xvape fog

Its sleek body fits in the palm of your hand, and provides nice steady pulls. Utilizing convection the aluminum body is ready for use in no time. With 5 settings choose from set your vape to degrees for perfect vaping each time you sesh.

Order yours today! Want to know more about what you stand to gain from stocking XVape? Are you 21 or older? Yes No. Home of the Ultimate Vaporizer coupon list. To load dry herb into the fog, flip open top cap to expose the heating chamber, pack in herbal material and close the lid.

Note that the tighter the chamber is packed the more draw resistance will be experienced. If overpacked the xvape fog won't have good airflow. To load concentrate into the fog, flip open top cap to expose the heating chamber, place concentrate pad into heating chamber, place concentrate on pad and close the lid.

To turn the vaporizer on, press the power button 3 times. When the units is on, the micro USB port light will glow indicating the battery level. The XVAPE FOG the newest air heating technology, you can inhale slowly and deeply from the mouthpiece after the device turn on till the lights off, more air goes through, more vapor you can get.

The unit will auto shut off in 4. If you are done vaporizing earlier than the auto shut off, simply click the power button 3 times to turn off. To toggle between heat settings, press and hold the power button. The LED lights on the side of the unit will light up as temperature increases. Learn More: Want to know more about what you stand to gain from stocking XVape?

Related Products You can check the related product for your shopping collection. Need Help? Contact our support team for help with ordering or completing your purchase. Contact Us. Added to cart successfully! View Cart Checkout.In Stock! We'll ship within 24 hours. Vape with full flavor and style with the XVape Fog! The Fog features 5 different heat settings, a heating chamber made of stainless steel, and comes with a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. These features combined help deliver the awesome flavor from the XVape Fog.

It has a removable battery, and the device can be charged with a Micro USB. At VPM, we carry a variety of parts and accessories that can be used with the Fog. Please see the warranty information enclosed with your purchase. We highly recommend cleaning off your Fog after each use. Brush off the inside of the mouthpiece after each use to maintain your Fog.

Cleaning after each use will keep you from having to soak the screens in alcohol after a few uses. Be sure to clear out the herb chamber completely before cleaning. Your Review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not for use with tobacco-derived products. We make promises We keep promises Capability is guaranteed.

Your happiness is guaranteed. USA delivery business days. Tracking sent to your email. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. Rather than giving customers the run around, we warranty most products in-house. Not only will our vapes and parts fit and work, but they will fit and work as intended - because they are from the original manufacturer.

Product Video. Please see the warranty information enclosed with your purchase Cleaning the Fog We highly recommend cleaning off your Fog after each use. Product: XVape Fog Vaporizer. Enter Name. Enter Email.

Enter Subject. Enter your message. Most recent reviews Most helpful reviews. Customer Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related products. They have one of the best selections of oil pens and vaporizers and they are constantly improving.The Fog is the only choice for those with the most discriminating of tastes.

XVape Fog Vaporizer

The flavor provided by the XVape Fog convection vape is a gourmet delight that must be experienced to be believed. The cutting-edge convection chamber provides a nearly instant heat-up time which prevents direct contact between heat source and dry botanicals. The XVape Fog continues to be the most sought after convection vape available. When taste has to be perfect every time. When you want the smoothest vapor.

vaporizer xvape fog

The only choice is the XVape Fog dry herb vaporizer. With an internal convection cab, five temperature settings, instant heat-up time, quick release removable battery pack, and a hinge-flip top for easy vaping, the Fog dry herb vaporizer offers a the highest class experience. The XVape Fog convection vaporizer offers the purest vaping you will find at any price point. No single vaporizer feature is more important than its heating technology.

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Inefficient heating techniques, or improper exposure of dry herb to heat source, will always offer a poor vaping experience. XVape has solved those problems with its Fog dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. Featuring the finest of convection vape technology, the Fog offers an even thermal which maintains the integrity of its contents and preserving their flavor.

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A charging vaporizer is a vaporizer that cannot be used, and down time is wasted time. Vaporizing running low on power? Better yet, the batteries are small, easy to carry in pocket or purse, and convenient. Patricio — February 16, Small yet very powerful on the higher setting fast hitting time and best to hook it up with a water glass rig when u r at home good overall performance cheers!!!

Mallory — March 20, Product is overall good.

XVape Fog Vaporizer Review

Overall this unit is superb; I highly recommend it to anybody looking for a portable convection vape on a budget. It definitely exceeded my expectations, totally satisfied. Ratish — March 20, Love this fog body. This is my first battery powered dry herb vaporizer. I wanted something small with replaceable batteries.This website contains adult material and is only suitable for those 21 years or older. Click Enter only if you are at least 21 years of age.

Now get 4x more battery life, more juice capacity, and stellar performance unmatched. FOG X Vapor Disposables are crafted to perfection with the highest quality salt nicotine, propylene glycol PGKosher USP vegetable glycerin VGand premium flavorings sourced exclusively imported for our disposable devices from all over the world. A California based vape company focused on delivering a new solution to give you an alternative to smoking. With great functionally and undeniably premium flavors unmatched, we have created the ultimate disposable vaping device giving you the cigarette experience while reducing the harmful chemicals with only 4 ingredients.

Inside our disposable vape devices is an internal battery and e-liquid cartridge. It features a buttonless design and is activated on inhale. When inhaled the built-in battery powers up, heating the flavored vape juice resulting in vapor.

Like a traditional cigarette our vape devices are non-refillable, non-rechargeable, and disposable giving you the traditional cigarette experience with out the horrible smell and taste. A lightweight and convinient disposable vape filled with premium e-liquid. A bigger and better disposable vape device with premium quality features.

Continue reading. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Age Verification This website contains adult material and is only suitable for those 21 years or older. Your cart. Close Cart. Only 4 Ingredients FOG X Vapor Disposables are crafted to perfection with the highest quality salt nicotine, propylene glycol PGKosher USP vegetable glycerin VGand premium flavorings sourced exclusively imported for our disposable devices from all over the world.

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Our Products. Functionality Inside our disposable vape devices is an internal battery and e-liquid cartridge. FOG X Original. FOG X Magnum. What you should know about President's Trump's "Vape Mail Ban" and how effects the electronic cigarette industry as a whole. Find out the best disposable vape the world of vaping has to offer and what makes it so popular! Disposable vape devices are the absolute best and easiest way to quit smoking by far.

View all. You Deserve This. Try It Today. Subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and new product updates.Hybrid vaporizers combine conduction and convection heating methods to deliver superior vapor. The Fog is the newest device from XVape and aims to be one of their staple devices.

Product Pros Compact Simple to use Hybrid oven convection and conduction Interchangeable battery Attaches to water pieces via accessory Multi material Very affordable Product Cons No app can be controlled completely without an application Can combust material at its highest temperature be careful Comes in just one color as of now XVape Fog Review Build Quality XVape has been building their own brand of portable vaporizers for many years.

The XVape takes the best parts of various devices and brings them together to create a true contender in the vaporizer industry. Built with a strong anodized aluminum shell the Fog is a very durable unit.

The mouthpiece on the Fog is built with jewelry grade ceramic. This material is not only tough but contributes to a smoother draw. The Fog has been built with very minimal moving parts. Under the lid is a two compartment filter that helps to trap any particles that try and leave with the vapor. The Fog is has taken a page from the popular Crafty handheld vaporizer. Similar to the Crafty the Fog uses convection and conduction heating.

For those who are unfamiliar, convection heating is forced air while conduction is surface heat. Combined this allow for fast and even vaporization of your material.

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The Fog uses 5 default temperature settings between f to f. When flashing the unit is heating up, when solid it has reached the set temperature. The wait time is around 40 seconds before you will be able to get a decent hit. This is pretty good considering the oven is mostly convection. I am a bigger fan of devices that can be paired with recyclers. XVape has been sure to include this. One of the accessories that you can get to work with the Fog is a recycler water bong attachment.

This means you can send the vapor through water filtration and ice before it hits your mouth Another thing I should mention is the draw resistance. The Fog actually has really great draw resistance. I had no problem taking my hits and the inhalation felt pretty natural.

The Crafty is really one of the only other vapes that I have been this impressed with in regards to draw resistance. Appearance XVape has used a simple but cool device for the Fog.

vaporizer xvape fog

In my opinion it kinda looks like a race car with the air vents positioned and angled like they are. The fog is classy and simple, the 5 green lights are not too bright and add to the overall look. Engraved into the sides are the Xvape logo and some mountains. These engravings are the same color as the device and are more noticeable as your pivot the device with the reflection of light.

Ease of Use If you have not used a vaporizer before this will be very easy for you. If you have used a vaporizer before this will be even easier. The Fog uses the common 1 button setup which performs all the actions through a series of button presses. You load your material into the oven located under the mouthpiece.

To access it you simply give it a little pull.Featuring jewelry grade ceramic mouthpiece, the Fog vaporizes both herbal and concentrated materials within 40 seconds. Convenient handling Made with functionality and convenience in mind, the XVAPE Fog features one-button operation and hinge flip heating chamber on the top.

Thus, it allows you to hold the vaporizer in one hand while filling with the other. You can start to turn it on as soon as you close the flap. Powerful battery With its mAh durable, removable battery, the vaporizer lasts you more than 2 hours of continuous usage. This while is allowing you to swap with a fully charged battery for extended sessions easily.

Otherwise, charge the vaporizer with the provided micro-USB charger. It prevents combustion even further and produces more potent vapors. Temperatures The Fog vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. Therefore it features five pre-set temperature settings compatible with both materials. The temperature settings indicated by five tiny LED on the body are as following:. The fact that the XVAPE Fog, being a full convection vaporizer, may already add a plus point to the vaporizer along with the simple operation.

So you may bring a few extra batteries for a week in the wilderness. Other than that, the mAh capacity should at least last for a whole day and charges up quickly with a micro-USB cable.

vaporizer xvape fog

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